Concert in Estonian National Museum

Male choir Forestalia will perform on 27th of October at 13.00 in Estonian National Museum (Muuseumi tee 2, Tartu). You all are welcome!
We will sing mostly Estonian pieces, but also some works of foreign composers.
Conductors: Alo Ritsing and Made Ritsing
Accompanist: Made Ritsing
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The entrance is free!

XXVII Song Celebration “My Fatherland is My Love”

The motto of the 27th Song Celebration and the 20th Dance Celebration is The Land of My Fathers, the Land that I Love. It comes from a patriotic poem written by the much loved Estonian poet Lydia Koidula. The lyrics were sung at the first Song Celebration 150 years ago and they have since become the Song Celebration anthem, where the audience joins in, standing. It is an expression of our love for Estonia. The tradition of Song and Dance Celebrations brings together the entire country: whole generations from grandparents to grandchildren meet on the massive stage and almost half the population watches the concerts and shows.
Male choir Forestalia has never missed a single Song Celebration during its existence and we will be marching proudly to the festival grounds in green this year also. Let’s celebrate this wonderful event together!
The programme of the XXVII Song and XX Dance Celebration “My Fatherland is My Love”:
* Dance Celebration on Thursday, 4 July at 7 p.m. Kalev Central Stadium in Tallinn
* Dance Celebration on Friday, 5 July at 11.00 a.m. Kalev Central Stadium in Tallinn
* Dance Celebration on Friday, 5 July at 6 p.m. Kalev Central Stadium in Tallinn
* Folk music concert on Friday, 5 July at 2 p.m.
* Procession on Saturday, 6 July from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. central Tallinn to the Song Festival Grounds
* Song Celebration „To the Teacher“ on Saturday, 6 July at 7 p.m. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
* Song Celebration on Sunday, 7 July at 2 p.m. Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
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The Song Festival of Tartu 2019

The main concert of the Tartu Song Festival gathers different types of choirs and their sounds under the arc of the festival grounds.
Children’s choirs sing with boys’ choirs, women with children, and men’s choirs, after listening to the women, get into a singing dialogue with mixed choirs, for example. Of course, all the singers will come together to become a single, unified choir.
The hallmark choral music will be performed by more than 8500 singers at the main concert, ranging from kindergarteners to grandparents. The programme contains works from Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Gustav Ernesaks, Miina Härma and many more.
The concert, beginning at the Tartu Song Festival Grounds at 18, features brass bands and includes the Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra.
Any proper song festival begins with a procession – audience and guests can come and see the singers and musicians in the afternoon in the centre of Tartu where they are nicely lined up to progress from the heart of the city to the festival grounds.
The performers gather for the procession at Tartu Town Hall Square, Vabaduse Avenue and on Küüni and Poe streets.
The road to Tartu Song Festival Grounds goes along Vabaduse Avenue from which we wave to the statue of Kalevipoeg and the River Emajõgi.
The journey continues on Lai, Jakobi, Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi and Fr. Tuglase streets. These last two honourable men will definitely be greeted as well, at least in our thoughts.
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40th Male Singing Day of Haaslava

40th Male Singing Day in Kurepalu will include several choirs from South-Estonia. You can hear the best selection of Estonian male choir repertoire, also some pieces from the Song Celebration in Tallinn this July.
Performers: South-Estonian male choirs, Torma brass band and female folk-dance group “Kaera-Marid”. Set directors are “Mafalda ja Loreida”.
March will start at 18.00
Entrance is free!
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Concert “Latvia 100” in Riga

Posted by Ģirts Lācis on Laupäev, 20. oktoober 2018

We have visited our friends in Latvia (male choir “Silvicola”) together with Finnish male choir “Esmila”. The fantastic concert took place in a beautiful National Library of Latvia (Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka) and concert hall was fully crowded. Thank you our Latvian singing-brothers for a warm welcome and see you all soon in Tartu! In the video you can hear one of the pieces we sang together – Leevi Madetoja “Kaunehin maa”.
Paldies par jusu viesmilibu!